Perfect Pinehurst Golf Getaway: Four Day Weekend

Escape to Pinehurst Resort for an amazing four-day weekend. You will play golf on some of America’s most famous courses. Enjoy luxury and a mix of old traditions with top golfing experiences.

This is the ultimate Pinehurst golf getaway, carefully designed for you. It offers stunning views, top-notch service, and iconic golf courses. Pinehurst Resort is the place for an unbeatable golfing adventure.

You’ll get to play on the well-known Pinehurst No. 2 course over your four days there. It was made by the great Donald Ross. Test your golf skills on its challenging layout and quick greens, a favorite of many golf legends.

And, Pinehurst Resort has many special golf packages. They aim to meet every golfer’s dream.

The Donald Ross Summer Special is great for sunny days. It includes your stay, breakfast, and unlimited golf on special courses.

The Premier Golf Package is for those wanting a premium experience. It offers luxury stays, breakfast, rounds on different courses, and practice area access.

For a calm retreat, try the Bed, Breakfast, & Golf Package. You’ll have a cozy room, a tasty breakfast, and the chance to play on famous courses.

Or, go for something simpler with the Bed & Breakfast Package. It includes a comfy room and a filling breakfast. Great for a more relaxed visit.

Outside of golf, enjoy the resort’s spa, pool, and good food spots. These are perfect for relaxing moments off the course.

Want more fun beyond golf? Visit Pinehurst and Southern Pines. They’re filled with charm, unique shops, and history. Enjoy the local culture and feel the South’s lively vibe.

Start planning your Pinehurst golf visit today. No matter your golfing level, Pinehurst Resort is ready to make your visit unforgettable. It combines excellent golf with luxury and outstanding service.

Donald Ross Summer Special

The Donald Ross Summer Special is the perfect Pinehurst golf getaway. It combines luxury stays, top-tier golfing, and amazing Southern food. This package includes two nights in luxurious accommodations so you can relax in style.

You get to play three rounds on Pinehurst’s best courses with the Donald Ross Summer Special. Enjoy the famous fairways, tough challenges, and discover why Pinehurst has been loved for so long.

Your golf retreat features daily breakfast and dinner. Dive into Southern cooking with dishes like grits and barbecue. Every meal will be a culinary adventure.

If you want to stay longer, adding a third night and a fourth round is possible for an extra cost. This makes your Pinehurst experience even richer, ensuring a memorable vacation.

After a day of golf, unwind in your grand accommodations. Everything is set up for a peaceful and comfortable stay.

Unforgettable Experiences Await

  • Immerse yourself in the rich history and heritage of Pinehurst.
  • Discover the resort’s exceptional amenities, including spa services, tennis courts, and swimming pools.
  • Explore the charming town of Southern Pines, with its boutique shops and quaint cafes.
  • Indulge in outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and cycling in the picturesque surroundings.

The Donald Ross Summer Special is something you shouldn’t miss. No matter your golfing skill, this package is an amazing mix of luxury, awesome golf, and tasty Southern food.

Premier Golf Package

The Premier Golf Package is perfect for golf lovers. It lets you play all of Pinehurst’s courses. This includes their famous No. 2, also the tough No. 10, and the enjoyable Cradle.

This golf vacation has everything planned for you. You get unlimited golf and a comfortable place to stay. It’s all about having a fun and memorable time.

Just think about waking up with a view of the course. Then, you spend your day playing golf. At night, relax in your cozy room.

Start off with a tasty breakfast to energize you for golf. After playing, enjoy a delicious dinner. It’s all included in this package.

Don’t let this chance pass you by. Book the Premier Golf Package now. Get ready for an unforgettable golfing trip at Pinehurst.

Bed, Breakfast, & Golf Package

Enjoy the best getaway with our Bed, Breakfast, & Golf Package. It lets you mix comfy stays, great food, and playing on famous golf courses. Customize your Pinehurst visit with this special deal.

Every day starts with a hearty breakfast at our top restaurants. Choose from lots of fresh fruits, pastries, and hot dishes. They’ll get you ready for a day on the golf course.

Then, head to our famed golf courses for a round of golf each night you stay. Our courses are great for all players, from pros to beginners. You’ll have a fun and challenging time.

Explore Pinehurst’s history and natural beauty while living it up in our luxury. Rest in stylish rooms, relax at the spa, or swim in our pool.

At night, have a tasty dinner made by our chefs at our restaurants. Then, walk our beautiful grounds. Enjoy the calm of our golf paradise under the stars.

Choose our Bed, Breakfast, & Golf Package for an amazing Pinehurst visit. It offers top service, food, and golfing. Make your stay unforgettable.

Package Includes:

  • Accommodations at our luxurious resort
  • Delicious breakfast buffet
  • One round of golf per night of your stay

Bed & Breakfast Package

The Bed & Breakfast Package is a great choice for a Southern-style escape. It includes a cozy room and a tasty Southern breakfast every day.

Our resort is close to the charming Village of Pinehurst. Here, you’ll wake up to a good meal and endless things to do. Stroll through the village’s shops and boutiques after breakfast.

Want a relaxed afternoon? The croquet lawn is ready for some games. It’s a classic Southern pastime that’s all about friendly fun and skill.

Fancy a bit of golf with a twist? Our 18-hole putting course, Thistle Dhu, offers a scenic spot for a friendly match. It’s ideal for both honing your skills and enjoying time with your favorite people.

Don’t miss out on Southern food during your stay. Our restaurants serve up the best local dishes. You can enjoy the meals in a cozy setting that invites relaxation.

With the Bed & Breakfast Package, you’re in for the perfect Pinehurst experience. Imagine starting your day with a Southern breakfast, exploring the village, and playing croquet. Top it off with a game at the putting course. This will be a getaway to cherish.

Resort Amenities

Pinehurst Resort has many amenities to make your stay special. If you love golf or just want to relax, our resort is perfect for you. We provide everything you need for a great time.

Complimentary Shuttle Service

We want your stay to be easy and fun. That’s why our shuttle service to all parts of the resort is free. It takes you to the golf courses, restaurants, and more without any hassle.

Daily Housekeeping Service

Great service is our promise to you. Our housekeeping team tidies your room every day. This makes your stay at Pinehurst Resort even more enjoyable.


Feeling stressed or tired? Our spa is here for you. You can get a massage, facial, or other treatments. Our skilled therapists will help you relax and feel new again.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Staying in touch is important, even on a break. We have free Wi-Fi everywhere in the resort. So, you can check your emails, use social media, or surf the web easily.

Our rooms also have great extras like refrigerators, coffee makers, and charging stations. These make your stay comfortable and easy.

Don’t miss out on all the benefits our resort offers. We’re here to make sure your time at Pinehurst is amazing. Relax, enjoy, and make unforgettable memories with us.

Off the Course Activities

Pinehurst and the areas nearby are packed with things to do off the course. Visit the quaint Village of Pinehurst to see its historical homes and cozy streets. Dive into the village’s culture and history.

Looking for good food is easy in Pinehurst. You can choose from fancy restaurants to laid-back places for a quick bite. Enjoy meals made by top chefs or simple yet tasty dishes any time.

After a day of golf, don’t miss out on relaxing at a spa. Or, shop for unique items and gifts at local stores. These are great ways to unwind and remember your Pinehurst visit.

Off the Course Activities

Love art or performances? Pinehurst has galleries and events to discover local artists. Enjoy art shows or live music; there’s always something fun going on in the village.

For a good night’s rest, Pinehurst has many accommodation options. You can choose from luxurious resorts to cozy bed and breakfasts. Every stay is a chance to relax and enjoy your time off the course.

Maximize your Pinehurst experience by exploring the village and its food, shopping, and arts. Your golf trip will be even better with these off-course activities. It’s a great blend of golf excitement and Pinehurst’s unique charm.

Explore Pinehurst and Southern Pines

Pinehurst Resort and Southern Pines aren’t just for golf lovers. They have lots of other things to do.

You can shop in unique stores and boutiques for special items. Or, try out delicious food from many different places.

Live the history in Pinehurst’s Village. Walk the sandy streets past old, beautiful homes. Feel the town’s deep roots and history.

If you love horses, you’ll find heaven here. See amazing shows, races, and try horseback riding. This place is perfect for anyone who loves these beautiful animals.


What is included in the Donald Ross Summer Special package?

This beautiful package offers two nights in a stylish room. You also get to play three rounds of golf. Plus, your daily meals are covered. Want an extra night and game? You can add them for more fun.

What courses can I play with the Premier Golf Package?

With the Premier Golf Package, play every course Pinehurst boasts. This includes No. 2, No. 10, and The Cradle.

What is included in the Bed, Breakfast, & Golf Package?

The helpful package combines a cozy stay with great breakfast and golf. You’ll find it all there.

What is included in the Bed & Breakfast Package?

This calm package includes a peaceful room stay. Each morning starts with a tasty Southern breakfast. You’ll also be close to Pinehurst’s charming Village.

What amenities are offered at Pinehurst Resort?

At Pinehurst Resort, you get free shuttle rides and daily room cleaning. They have a top-notch spa and free Wi-Fi. Rooms are set up with little extras like fridges, coffee makers, and charging spots.

What off-course activities are available in Pinehurst?

In Pinehurst, enjoy the cozy Village with its old homes and cute shops. The area also offers great restaurants, spa treats, and shopping. Dive into local life and culture any way you like.

What attractions are there in Pinehurst and Southern Pines?

Besides golf, explore Pinehurst and Southern Pines. You’ll find neat shops, fine dining, and horse activities. There are shows, races, and chances to ride too.

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